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At The Law Office of David L. Lord and Associates, P.A. our legal team has the combined experience and knowledge to assist you with your Family Law needs. We stay up to date with the ongoing changes in Family Law in Mississippi. Your case is important to us, and we'll work with you before, during and after your case to make sure that you're satisfied, and then go one step further to make sure you have plans for the next step if it becomes necessary.
We can assist you in the following areas of Family Law:


We know that divorce can be one of the most difficult things you have to go through. There is no reason to be overwhelmed. Our experienced attorneys will walk you through each step of the divorce process, so that you can walk away with peace of mind. The Law Office of David L. Lord and Associates P.A. will make sure you don't have to worry about alimony, child custody and the distribution of your property. We will make your divorce proceedings as quick and easy as possible or can modify a decree that you've had in place that may no longer work for both parties.
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Child Support

Calculating child support can be almost as difficult as filing taxes. Our attorneys will inform you of everything you need to know to get the math done right the first time. And if you're currently unhappy with a child support agreement that was drawn up years ago, we can make the modifications you need. All too often, parents end up paying too much or too little and going back to court because of simple mistakes. Your children's welfare is important and we understand that child support is a big factor in that. Let us help get you what your children need.

Child Custody

Decisions regarding children are always going to be the most difficult for parents to make. The Law Office of David L. Lord and Associates P.A. realizes how much you have at stake during a child custody battle. If you have recently gone through a divorce and have been met with difficulty in determining child custody, we can help you draw up an agreement that all parties are comfortable with and will respect. And if you've been divorced and now realize that what was decided upon in the past no longer works, we are here for you too. No matter the custodial situation, we will be able to find the solutions you're looking for.

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Spousal Support/ Alimony

Whether you're paying or receiving alimony, we can assist you with all of your needs. Our attorneys are well aware that financial duties to a spouse may extend well after a divorce. We will make sure that everything is calculated and filed correctly or make modifications to prior agreements that are no longer appropriate. Alimony payments or receipts can have a big impact on your financial situation and we are committed to finding solutions that are guaranteed to work for our clients.


Before being able to adopt, you should start reviewing state laws. The adoption process can be a little more complicated than most prospective parents may be aware of. The Law Office of David L. Lord and Associates P.A. will stay by your side until you have successfully adopted a child. We want to make sure that you know everything you need to about Adoption Law in Mississippi. We want you to rest assured that once you've been notified that you might be new parents, nothing can prevent things from being finalized. Adoption is a big step and we want to make it easier.

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Q. My husband and I would like to get a separation. Can you help us proceed with that?
A. Certainly. We know this is a tough time for you. We'll take care of the details of filing your legal separation after we work with you on the details. It shouldn't take very long to complete at all.
Q. My wife and I are divorcing, but we're not fighting. Is there any way our divorce can be easy?
A. Absolutely. Divorce doesn't have to be a messy procedure if you and your significant other are on mutual terms. We can work with you as your mediator, to help you split and determine the legal future of your assets. Things to consider will be your real estate, bank accounts and any other physical assets you may want to split. Once we've come to terms with these, we will draw up the legal documents and file them for you.
Q. My ex-husband hasn't paid his child support in over 2 years! What can I do?
A. We can help you find him and bring him to justice. As a primary care provider for your child, you deserve to receive child support from your ex-husband. If he is no longer working, we can determine an acceptable time-frame for him to begin his payments again, as well as work with the courts to determine any back-payments he will need to pay you. You're not alone, and we can help you!
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