Insurance Disputes on the Mississippi Gulf Coast & in Hattiesburg, MS

Also in Picayune & Gulfport, MS

The Law Office of David L. Lord and Associates, P.A. will fight for you if you have been treated unfairly by an insurance company. When insurance companies refuse to pay out legitimate claims, our attorneys will take action on your behalf.
There are laws in place to help protect consumers from being unfairly treated by insurance companies:
  • The Insurance Fair Conduct Act: This law states that you can actually recover up to three times your damages, plus attorney fees, if an insurance company unreasonably refuses to pay out fairly on benefits.
  • The Insurance Bad Faith: Bad faith law allows you to take action against your own insurance company if they fail to deliver what you have paid them to deliver.
  • The Consumer Protection Act Claim: This law, while not limited to insurance disputes, outlines methods of getting results from insurance companies who aren't acting fairly, and allows recovery of attorney's fees.
Signing and Reading Contract - Insurance Claims in Gulfport, MS
Depending on your individual situation, we will can take action on your behalf under any or all of these laws. We are willing to take insurance litigation to the courtroom if that is what it takes to reach a favorable resolution to your insurance claims.
We can assist you with:
  • Medical insurance claims
  • Insurance settlement and litigation
  • Uninsured claims insurance
  • Underinsured claims insurance
  • First party insurance disputes
  • Property and homeowners insurance disputes
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