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The Law Office of David L. Lord and Associates, P.A. has the attorneys and supporting staff to make sure your case proceeds toward a successful conclusion. For years our team has successfully represented injury and accident victims from the Gulfport, Hattiesburg and Picayune, MS areas.
Our office can assist you with cases involving:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Without the proper representation, victims of car accidents can walk away with much less than they should have. The Law Office of David L. Lord and Associates, P.A. is committed to resolving legal matters associated with car accidents quickly. We know that being in a car accident can be traumatic enough - our attorneys don't want you to suffer anymore. The negligence of another driver should never become your medical problem. We will make sure that your injuries do not go unpunished.
Car Accident - Personal Injury Lawyer in Gulfport, MS

Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents can be serious and whether you are either end of it, the damage can be significant. Your health and well being are the two most important things in your life. Do not immediately settle for whatever the trucking company offers you. The Law Office of David L. Lord and Associates, P.A. will get you the settlement you deserve.
Couple Reading Letter about Injury - Personal Injury Lawyer in Gulfport, MS

Workplace Injuries

Injuries that happen at work are oftentimes more difficult to navigate than something that happens on your own time. The Law Office of David L. Lord and Associates, P.A. wants to simplify the legal process for you, so you're not stuck waiting on workman's compensation that may or may not come and that may or may not be financially adequate. Our attorneys will make sure your compensation matches the personal injury you suffered while at work.

We can also assist you with:


Slip and Fall Injuries

Boating Accidents


Offshore Accidents

Employer Negligence



Q. I've been injured – now what?
A. Go see your doctor first. Your injuries should be taken care of before you even consider making a claim against someone for causing them. Make sure your health is being taken care of first. Keep any information from this appointment - good records of your injury and your treatments are vital for your case, if you decide to pursue that course of action. Then call us and we can schedule your free consultation.
Q. How long can I wait before I file a claim for my personal injury?
A. You really should seek help with your claim immediately. Most cases must be filed within four years of the accident. If you've been denied your social security or disability benefits, your appeal must be filed soon after you receive your denial notification. Call us for assistance and an assessment of your case.
Q. I was in an accident without insurance. Can you help me?
A. We would need to assess your case. In our assessment, we might decide that the vehicle you were driving was at fault or perhaps, the road conditions were hazardous. We would also need to assess all of the claims against you as the alleged negligent driver. Call us today for your free assessment.
Q. A giant commercial truck/semi hit me and I/my children/other people in my car were injured. What can I do?
A. Large trucking companies have teams of lawyers at the ready to help them get out of paying you for the damage their driver caused you. You need to call us to help you get what you deserve from the company for your injuries, pain and suffering, the damage to your vehicle and for any other injuries of the people riding in your car with you.
Q. If I get hurt on the job, what should I do?
A. You should immediately tell your supervisor or someone in your HR department and then get help with your injuries. It's imperative that you file the accident with the company you work for or you may be denied any disability or workman's compensation benefits for your injuries. Then, file your workman's compensation documents according to your company's guidelines. If you are turned down for your benefits, give us a call to get your case assessed. We'll help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries on the job.
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